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In January 2009 were established online shop “VS-PRO.LV”. The core of the business - selling of IT equipment.
In December 2009, we have opened the new version of the shop as the brand AiO (All in One).
By investing impressive human resources, expanding our range of the product line and improved home page - we became a leader in the market of the online shops. .

  • More than 450’000 titles of the products from Latvia, Europe and Asia!
  • Every month we have more than 100’000 visitors!

Our shop is able to provide the best quality of the products, services and customer care service on the online market in Latvia.

Corporate Customers

Our demanding customer will receive:

  • Individual customer approach in solving every single task. We will take seriously customer business needs, requirements and specification.
  • Delivery of any equipment, full coverage: computers, for office, telecommunications, network devices and software.
  • Security solutions for the company’s equipment
  • Delivery – fast and free of charge
  • On-line support
  • ON-SITE service and maintenance
  • Trade and warranty Service Center

Whole sale

We would like to offer a profitable delivery of goods from Europe and countries of Asia. Wholesal prices.

We provide logistics and guarantee the best quality of delivering goods with full warranty on Latvia and other markets.

Our main business in wholesale is a delivery of IT equipment on such markets as Russia and Belorussia directly form EU stocks, and also small wholesale on market in Baltic states.


To Our Customers


Whole sale

Additional information

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Wide range of the products
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Индивиду-альный подход к клиенту
Быстрая и бесплатная доставка
On-line поддержка
Ремонт техники on-site
Конкурентные цены
Мировые производители

We are not just selling a product.
We are able to take care about it.
We have a team of the technical professionals for your service.

Toner refill
PC’s and consumer appliances Service Center
Computers’ assembly, set up and upgrade
Design and install of the networks
For the details, please, click on a picture

On our manufacturing, we have all the facilities for the total cleaning and high-class toner refill. We are also able to test it out – every single toner what we are producing. It makes as sure that quality of our manufacturing is always under control.

In the world, there are plenty of companies who produces compatible components for the toner refill and recovery: toners, drums, squeegees, chips etc. All of those are completely different by the price and quality. When we compare ourselves with the other market players, we have come to conclusions that we are very demanding about the quality of components. It leads us to the excellent printing quality:

  • we do not save money on a components supply
  • we preffer only the expensive and reliable products
  • we do not save on the quality and amount of refilling toner
  • we are always trying to offer a best product for the best price

PC and House Hold Appliances

We provide the complete IT support service. All the faults or breakdowns will be solved in a minimum amount of time.

By your request, we are ready to deal with:

  • Computers and household appliances repair
  • Software installation and customization
  • Antivirus measures and maintenance
  • Data recovery

When you came to us – you can be sure in results. Good results.

Warranty – up to 2 years!

Our company’s policy is to take care about the customers’ needs. That is why – whether it is the regular PC’s specification or a specification ordered by the customer – we can realize both of them. Moreover, we can provide an upgrade on the customer’s computers.  

PC’s assembly and upgrade realized only with well-known brands like AMD, Asus, Intel, Samsung etc.

  • All the incoming of components are monitored by Quality Management
  • We provide up to 3 years warranty on our PC’s
  • Our assembly line and Service Center are certified and our engineers have passed a long way back tour of duty.

If you face a difficulty to decide what is the right specification for the PC you are looking for, then our specialists will help you to choose the best solution in accordance with your needs and desirable costs.

Company’s „VS PRO” team includes certified specialists and engineers: network and telephony specialists, network software and others applications specialists.

The main role of the department: network and securities’ solutions design, laying out, installation and service.
Multiple years of experience of our engineers and many designed projects – is assurance that projects designed by us will be the most suitable for your needs and with a highest class of quality. 
For the local networks and security solutions design, we are using the latest technologies and software.

We perform:

  • Local Networks and Commercial Building Telecommunications diagnostic, analyze and upgrade
  • Planning and installation of cabling systems and wireless solutions.
  • Installation of CCTV, security alarms, fire alarm and alerting systems
  • Audit and recommendations for a solution 

Purposeful people establish a company VS PRO in December 2009.

The core business – Selling IT equipment and components.

With the goal to become the best on the market, in the third quarter we made a 50% sales growth. Turnover of the company achieved 1.5 millions EUR.

In 2011-2016, we have doubled this ratio – turnover was more than 4.3 million euros.

We work in accordance with ISO standard, respect EU directives and we are a partner of the many world class brands.

We are able to deliver any product all over Europe, Belarus, Russia.


Our customers – satisfied retail consumers, small and middle size capital business, financial industry and different distribution networks in Baltic States and CIS.


We are PROfesionals who greatly works for you





In conditions of global crisis, we have learned to deal without extravagances.

We do not have an excessive size of staff, ineffective employees or a luxury office costs.

Our team consist of high-class specialists with an impressive experience in retail and wholesale of IT equipment and consumer appliances.

Every day we are ready for dynamic and positive work. For the company it succeeds to satisfy the needs and requests of the most demanding customers in terms of quality and appropriate price of the product.



Dmitrii Semakin


No need for flowers and plaudit. Just a genius. 

He is able to make a mountain out of a molehill. Very important mountain.



Vitaly Mackevic


Do you need a wagon of Rolex second counters?

He will make it happen.



Sergey Lazarev


A leader was born.

Book of complaints – he does not read.



Dmitry Dansin


He loves customers and customers loves him.

Retail sales guru.



Vitaly Gailis

Head of Service Department

Why, where and how – The Best Service

Only From Vitaly.


Thanks to our persistent work, we could achieve a pretty much. We became a business partner of the world-class manufacturers, received a positive feedback in newspapers, and the most important – we found many permanent and loyal customers.


Quality Certificates

CE Mark

European Quality Certificate


International Organisation of Standardization


  • ISO - world quality standard for manufacturing processses.
  • CE - we manufacture an equipment in accordance with EU regulations.



An article "„Breakthrough of the Year”" in a newspaper „Daily Business”


About MED

OMOM Capsule Endoscopy

OMOM Capsule Endoscopy System, which is a newly wireless, non-invasive gastrointestinal imaging diagnosis system. The system designed for a visualized diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract simply by ingesting a pill-sized capsule. Overcoming the disadvantages of traditional GI examination by pushing big-sized endoscope and avoid painful test experience and risk of cross-infection. Capsule Endoscope is known as the 4-th milestone in the development history of digestive endoscopy with advantages of pill-sized, light weight, convenient diagnosis procedure, no invasion, no pain, no cross-infection, and no effect on the normal life of patients, which is a "Golden Standard" for the diseases diagnosis of small bowel.

Diagnostic Procedure

Swallowing Capsule: Patient swallow the pill-sized smart capsule after an overnight fasting.

Image Capturing: Patient keeps normal activities, the smart capsule moves through the gastrointestinal tract naturally. It can take snap shooting up to 9 hours and transmit all images wirelessly to the data recorder integrated in the vest.