VS PRO is the official distributor OMOM products in Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). We have training center Riga, Latvia.


VS PRO’s job is to serve as your medical equipment distributor in Baltic States where business is powered by opportunities from over 6 million populations. With thorough market studies, careful planning and diligence, we now have a professional team of tens of direct employees in offices throughout BS servicing our clients' products.


Our mission is to introduce, promote and market advanced and cost-effective medical products that fulfill various needs of our customers.

Our clients will include: Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Universities, Pharmaceutical Companies, Surgery Centers, Nursing Homes, Military, Governments, Dealers, Employment Agencies, Physical Therapists, Occupational and Massage Therapists, Insurance Companies, Spas, and Consumers.



We are aiming at becoming a leader in the distribution of medical equipment and supplies. In order to build long-lasting relationships that would be beneficial for both our partners and our customers, we commit ourselves to provide innovative solutions and high-end services. Our team is the key to our success.

Being There for Our Customers. We are aware that each organization and individual has its own requirements and expectations. This is why we make it our duty to target our customers’ needs by asking the right questions. Thus, we can get a global view of the company’s culture, business prospects, success requirements, problems and risks.

We always act in our customers’ best interests. We also make sure that the products, methodologies and personnel meet not only our customers’ requirements, but also the needs of the organization or company they represent.



We ensure our customers’ success by offering them the best elements ever.