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OMOM Capsule Endoscopy

OMOM Capsule Endoscopy System, which is a newly wireless, non-invasive gastrointestinal imaging diagnosis system. The system designed for a visualized diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract simply by ingesting a pill-sized capsule. Overcoming the disadvantages of traditional GI examination by pushing big-sized endoscope and avoid painful test experience and risk of cross-infection. Capsule Endoscope is known as the 4-th milestone in the development history of digestive endoscopy with advantages of pill-sized, light weight, convenient diagnosis procedure, no invasion, no pain, no cross-infection, and no effect on the normal life of patients, which is a "Golden Standard" for the diseases diagnosis of small bowel.

Diagnostic Procedure

Swallowing Capsule: Patient swallow the pill-sized smart capsule after an overnight fasting.

Image Capturing: Patient keeps normal activities, the smart capsule moves through the gastrointestinal tract naturally. It can take snap shooting up to 9 hours and transmit all images wirelessly to the data recorder integrated in the vest.



About MED


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